Our Story

Ever since we began to embrace hair extensions, the industry has been dominated by other cultures that have built their communities off of our dollars. Most often these ‘beauty supply stores’ don’t employ our people, support our causes or care about the rich heritage associated with the traditions of our hair. This is why we created MADALI.

In 2012, we set out to find the highest quality hair extensions in the world. We traveled to many countries, including China, India and Malaysia. However, it wasn’t until our trip to the Philippines that we found what would later become MADALI.

We learned that Filipino hair better matches our texture than, say, Indian hair. With that in mind, we set out to tackle the major problems that women experience with hair extensions; tanging and matting. MADALI hair is sourced directly from women in the Philippines who are fairly compensated and treated with the highest level of respect. The hair is inspected, washed several times and maintained so that each strand is in the right direction, root to tip. The wefts are machine-sewn with precision and then inspected once again to ensure quality. This is why MADALI does not shed or mat, even after multiple installs.

In 2014, after multiple rounds of testing we launched MADALI and began to do our part to provide women like you the best hair extensions as well as customer service. From our packaging to our worry-free return policy, we created this brand with you in mind. You deserve the best. You deserve MADALI.

  • The Madali Difference


    MADALI is Filipino hair from the Philippines. Did you know that most brands claiming to sell Brazilian, Malaysian, Cambodian and other exotic named styles actually source their hair from China? You do not have to worry about this with MADALI. We are proud that 100% of MADALI comes from a single source in the Philippines. This is why MADALI is consistent in quality with each order.

  • The Madali Difference


    MADALI means ‘easy’ in Filipino. Since our inception, it has been our mission to make buying hair extensions as easy as possible for you. With MADALI your hair extensions are delivered right to your doorstep or to your hairstylist. No longer do you have to waste time and effort visiting local beauty stores. Get the quality of hair that you deserve in just a few clicks. Want something different when your hair arrives? No problem. Our worry-free return policy allows returns at no cost to you.

  • The Madali Difference


    No shedding, tangling or matting is our promise to you. We can make this promise because we source our hair directly from the Philippines, without a middle man, which allows us to closely monitor the quality. MADALI is expertly wefted and crafted to ensure that each strand is arranged perfectly.

  • The Madali Difference

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