• The Madali Difference

    1. Strategically Sourced & Procured through Fair Trade

    We source our hair directly from the manufacturer, not some random distributor in China or any other middlemen.  We go directly to the source to ensure the highest quality for you.  We believe that women help build strong communities, and women who are valued and treated fairly help create prosperity.

    MADALI hair is never sourced from auctions or holy temples. The women who provide their hair are completely aware of what they are doing, and are fairly compensated.  The hair is cut from the owner and kept intact to ensure the roots and tips are not mixed. Fair Trade is not only the right thing, but it also makes our product that much more superior.

  • The Madali Difference

    2. Clean Bundles & Meticulous Wefts

    Everyone makes the claim of

    No Shedding
    No Tangling
    No Matting

    Yet, not everyone can uphold that promise, but this is part of the MADALI difference. With our free shipping and free returns policy, you can rest assured that you can confidently purchase, inspect, and accept the best hair in the market. If you find shedding, tangling, or matting to be a problem, simply return the hair...for free!

  • The Madali Difference

    3. Complimentary Textures

    Aside from the quality of the craftsmanship, we really found hair that was more reflective of our own hair.  Filipino hair is an amalgamation of centuries of race mixing allowing for multiple textures:

    Silky - Fine
    Natural - Medium Coarse
    True - Coarse

    These textures of hair could be compared to the natural textures of our Dominican, Brazilian, and Puerto Rican sisters who have undergone similar race mixing.  While Asia is the source of almost all hair extensions, no other Asian hair source has natural textures similar to women of African descent like that of The Philippines.

  • The Madali Difference

    4. Pure & Organic

    When we say natural and unprocessed, we mean natural and unprocessed. Because all of our hair is in its natural pure state, you never have to worry about any consequences that may result from:

    Heat Application
    Blow Drying

    ALL cuticles are in the same direction and ALL cuticles are intact, from root to tip. As with every MADALI promise, we guarantee this.

  • The Madali Difference

    5. Versatility & Longevity

    We only source hair from women who are between the ages of 13-40 years old. This ensures the hair remains durable after years of use, and can withstand many chemical processes. You can be confident in applying various treatments to MADALI hair after your purchase.

  • The Madali Difference

    6. Effortless MADALI Movement and Management

    MADALI hair is manageable and moves with ease. You’ve seen our hair in photos and videos and you see the movement; it speaks for itself.

  • The Madali Difference

    7. Expert-ease

    If you are a stylist you will love this hair because it is easy to install and maintain. If you are a client, you will love this hair because of how easy we have made your purchasing and daily wear experience. PURE. EFFORTLESS. LUXE. MADALI!

  • The Madali Difference

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